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This is a video that should be viewed by all front line firefighters. It speaks to wounds that are invisible and to the struggle to overcomeand return to the front lines of a firefighterveterans career. 

Warning: Graphic Content:     Viewing can trigger an emotional flashback. NAFFVN advises you to be aware that the content is disturbing and may cause vicarious wounding or provide a trigger in your ptsd stress reaction. This is the Story of an IAFF/Ottawa Ontario Canada Firefighter Veteran who went public in the hope of making a difference. Watch, listen and value the knowledge shared and the wisdom of a "rubber boot warrior" who is reaching out to the front lines to make a difference in our outcome with post traumatic stress woundings.  If you are in an emergency crisis or need to talk it out connect to the following:  1-877-TALK 24/7/365



Dr. Thomas Joiner on the Dr Phil Show talks about why people die by suicide.  Dr. Joiner also talks about his book on the subject.
NAFFVN list Dr. Joiner as an "AMICUS IN ADVOCACY" for understanding and promoting the educational outreach regarding suicides.  NAFFVN
and the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation along with some 40 other individuals and organizations including I.A.F.F. and the N.V.F.C. attended the Symposium on Depression and Suicide in the Fire Service on July 11th and 12th, 2011 in Baltimore Md.  F.D.N.Y. Crisis Counselling Unit, Phoenix Fire and Chicago Fire were part of the many who had the opportunity to add their voice to getting a better understanding of why firefighters are taking their lives.  Dr. Joiner was also a key note presenter and  brought his extensive knowledge and academic insights along with his own journey into the affects of suicide on his own life and beyond.  He is now working with the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation and other leaders in the American Fire Service to understand and unravel the mystery of his type of event as it affects us.  He was able to hear directly from the firefighter front lines including NAFFVN and our advocacy for the widows and orphans left helpless and abandoned by suicide.  The survivors need immediate support from programs which are targeted at supporting them and the orphans left behind no less than our L.O.D.D. families, who have access to developed support programs already in place.  Please listen to this critical video and share it with your firefighter family in the stations and crews as well as your loved ones at home.  Stay safe on the firelines.

Phoenix Firefighters and Family Members talk about the Suicides and Prevention Measures now underway including access to an on line web site.
NAFFVN encourages you to listen to this video and share it with your brothers and sisters in the service and with your family at home.
Lets put the F.I.R.E.S.  Within each of us OUT.  The hoselines need to be rolled out and  advanced with a steady solid supply of education and knowledge.  Phoenix is doing that.  The suicide fireline here is dangerous and difficult.  Using large diameter thinking applied to the seat of the problem will help us to reduce the affect suicides is having on each and every one of us.








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Everyone should view this.


Removing The Stigma of Mental Illness

Dr de Blois uses Mindfullness Training along with Equine Assisted the link below to view her web site and view her extensive credentials. She is a highly certified Trauma Informed Clinician.

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Station House’s residential program is designed to help first responders overcome substance addiction. The program is exclusive to first responders.

“If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath—a wolf.



They can help you get back to the job or to a new beginning and quality of life with the tools necessary to master critical incident stress.



Stephanie Conn, Registered Clinical Counsellor, R.C.C., specializing in issues affecting emergency services personnel. Former law enforcement officer and CISM peer support.  Vancouver B.C.


Diakonos Retreat Society

West Coast Trauma Retreat

Everyone Goes Home



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