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NAFFVN Research Errand


Research on PTSD, The Limits of Adaptive Coping, Neurobiology of Extreme Stress:
Very informative and a must read for Senior Staff and First Responders who work CISM CISM D.  NAFFVN will be developing a working paper on our thoughts later this year and will post the cross reference to it on this site using the presentation as a basis of reasoning.
Note:  This has direct correlation in understanding of how military After Action Reporting and the relatedness of AARto the model under section 13 Mental Health and Wellness of the NFFF Richard Gist/Vicki Taylor Model.  
It is a complex read so be prepared to have a cuppa coffee or tea as you wade into it.
To down load your copy CLICK HERE or call use we have a hard copy of this working paper in office available on request:
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Everyone should view this.


Removing The Stigma of Mental Illness

Dr de Blois uses Mindfullness Training along with Equine Assisted the link below to view her web site and view her extensive credentials. She is a highly certified Trauma Informed Clinician.

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Station House’s residential program is designed to help first responders overcome substance addiction. The program is exclusive to first responders.

“If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath—a wolf.



They can help you get back to the job or to a new beginning and quality of life with the tools necessary to master critical incident stress.



Stephanie Conn, Registered Clinical Counsellor, R.C.C., specializing in issues affecting emergency services personnel. Former law enforcement officer and CISM peer support.  Vancouver B.C.


Diakonos Retreat Society

West Coast Trauma Retreat

Everyone Goes Home



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